Breannah Yeh,空中绳行 Slacklining in the Air

采访时间:2017年12月8日 Interview Date: December 8, 2017

Breannah Yeh,华文名葉嘉韻(繁)。1997年她出生于美国加州,2017年夏天开始,通过USCA计划在西南民族大学进行为期四个月的留学交换生学习。她13岁时开始练习扁带,渐以运动选手身份在世界各地参加扁带比赛。

Breannah Yeh, a.k.a. Ye Jiayun in Chinese, is a 21-year-old girl hailing from California. In the summer of 2017, she began the four-month study abroad program as an international student at the Southwest Minzu University under USAC. At the age of 13, she started practicing slacklining. With time, she made a name for herself as an athlete in slackline contests worldwide.



离开地球表面,在一条宽26mm的尼龙绳索上,她稳妥地站立、行走,轻盈地旋转、跳跃,像欢腾的鸟儿。 她一个转身落地,脸上挂着大大的笑。

On a 26mm-wide nylon slackline above the ground, Breannah Yeh stood on her feet, stepped forward with calmness, twirled and jumped swiftly like a dancingbird. With an almost effortless spin, she landed on the ground, wearing a grin.


Chengdu Slackforest

我不是第一个被他们吸引的人。四川大学的一片小树林前,早已围站了好些人,他们正端着手机或拍或录一男一女两人切换着在绳索上跳来转去、蹦蹦哒哒。 “吃瓜群众”里有声音在说:“哎哟,这两个人还凶哟,都不怕绊(摔)到痛。” 这条尼龙绳索叫扁带,两位练习者是四川小伙子康钶和以交换生身份留学成都的美籍华裔Breannah Yeh。

I was not the only one attracted to them. In front of Sichuan University, there was a grove which had been swarmed by spectators. They were taking photos or videoing when a man and a woman were alternating jumping to and fro on a slackline. “Oh! They are so cool and not afraid of falling.” exclaimed one of the spectators. The nylon line was a slackline, and the two players were Kang Ke, a boy from Sichuan and Breannah Yeh, an American exchange student with Chinese origin.

两人看上去很熟络,实则两个月前Breannah才在深圳的一场比赛中认识康钶的朋友。 走扁带是一项新兴运动,除了运动本身足够特别,Breannah最爱的是因运动的小众所建立的社群——几乎可以认识全世界志同道合的专业级玩家。 “当我们一起设置扁带时,我们之间的信任和默契瞬间建立。”Breannah很开心在成都停留的短暂期间里,能认识成都玩家中的佼佼者康钶。

As familiar as they were to each other,  actually Breannah met Ke’s friend at a Shenzhen-based contest two months ago. As an emerging sport, slacklining is very special in and of itself. For people that carry the same enthusiasm for the sport, the slacklining community has created a world very close to Breannah’s heart. In the slacklining community, she can make friends with like-minded athletes all over the world. “When we together set up the slackline, trust and tacit understanding are cultivated between us.” For Breannah, it was such a delight to make friends with Kang Ke during her short stay, who was a second-to-none slackline player in Chengdu.


Slacklining does not have high requirements for practicingvenues; Itsimply entails two strong trees. Breannah preferred spacious fields close to nature, outside of the Chengdu urban area. Spots like a dilapidated amusement park in Pidu District,  was frequented by them who carried along their slackline equipment Hanging in the air and exploring this city, they were endowed with a unique perspective ofChengdu.

Breannah把期间的一些经历的视频上传到Youtube上,名字就叫:成都扁带森林(Chengdu Slackforest)。
Breannah has uploaded some videos about her practicing experience to Youtube and named the video Chengdu Slackforest.


Meditation beyond the earth

13岁时,Breannah在攀岩馆偶遇Alex Mason在扁带上做技巧训练,一时的好奇促成了她8年的坚持和热爱。第一根扁带很低很短,她甚至没办法站上去,后来才开始渐渐地摇晃向前,像婴儿学步。四五个月后,她参加了第一场比赛。

When Breannah was 13 years old, she happened to see Alex Mason training on a slackline in a climbing gym. Since that moment, curiosity has started her eight year journey of perseverance and devotion to slacklining. Even though she started with a very short slackline hung very low in the air, she could hardly stand on her feet. Little by little, she was able to wobble ahead step by step like a toddler. After four or five months, she attended her first contest.

“我从不因为动作没做到而气恼,我知道通过练习我终究会做到的。”这种坚信是源于对自己天赋的认知? “天赋呀,有人这么说,但我觉得任何人都可以做到,只需要练习。” 她说,“很多人认为我是平衡力很好才开始做这个运动,其实是这项运动让我的平衡变得很好。”高中时,每到周末,Breannah 都会乘一个半小时的地铁,去离旧金山较近的埃尔塞里托进行两天的训练。她不觉得辛苦,反而乐在其中。“当我在空中的时候,我能够如我预想那般恰如其分地控制我的身体动作。有趣的是,这时候的我最开心了。”

“Even if I fail to do well in some footwork actions, I have never been seized by anger, for I know I will eventually make it.” Was this firm belief rooted in the full awareness of her talent? “Some people said so. But, from my perspective, it is continuous practice rather than talent that makes one get the hang of slacklining.” “In the eyes of many people, my good balance initially drove me into the sport. However, the fact is just the opposite. Thanks to the sport, I have grown better in keeping my balance.”In high school on weekends, Breannah used to take an hour and a half subway ride to El Cerrito, near San Francisco, for the two-day training. Instead of tiredness, she found great pleasure from that. “When I am in the air, I am able to control my body movements precisely to how I imagine. It’s interesting that this is the moment in which I am the happiest .”

旁人看高空行走或花式技巧时,既刮目相看又心中一紧,其实Breannah 脑中一丝杂念都没有,只享受美景中的那个瞬间。“人们觉得这很危险很疯狂,其实那一刻我沉静、专注并且享受,像是一种冥想。” 高空扁带的玩家在练习和比赛时都会系上救命索。“如果我很紧张,就会掉下去,感受下坠。 这让我知道,其实掉下去没什么大不了的。”

While spectators are watching highlining or slacklining with tricks, their hearts are filled with surprise and nervousness. However, for Breannah, free from any worry, she just takes the moment to enjoy the uniquely beautiful scenery. “People think it is dangerousand crazy. But, for me, at the moment,I am just calm and absorbed, it likes a kind of meditation. I enjoy it a lot.” High slackline (Highlining) athletes are tied in with safety rope during walks. “If I feel nervous, I resign myself to falling from the slack line, savoring the sensation of falling. And it dawns on me that falling from the line is not a big deal at all.”

The World of Slacklining

体格偏小的Breannah本很容易淹没在机场的人来人往中,但她背着装有扁带器具的巨大背包总是引来注目。比赛+旅行的生活常态在她13岁时开启,最初去陌生城市她也会胆怯忐忑,但想到那儿有玩扁带的朋友,一下子就心安了。这种信任变成了一种习惯,走扁带早已从一项特别的运动变成了一种生活方式。因着扁带,她的足迹从加州走向美国各地,并走向海外。当她不在旅行的时,她在圣路易斯-奥比斯波(San Luis Obispo)的大学城玩扁带。

With a small figure, Breannah was able to slip out of sight in the stream of peoplein the airport. However, a large backpack loaded with slackline equipment always made her stand out easily. Since she was 13 years old, she has lived a regular life of contest and travel. At the beginning, she was also timid and worried when she went to a strange city. But when she thought about other like-minded athletes there, she would feel greatly relieved. As this kind of trust gradually developed into a habit, slacklining has taken root in her heart as a lifestyle, no longer a special sport. Driven by enthusiasm for slacklining, she has expanded her footprint across California, as well as many other parts of the United States. When she is not traveling she is slacklining in her college town of San Luis Obispo.


Her four-month stay in Chengdu was not merely just for travel. Here, she got a taste for spicy hotpot; here, she established temporary headquarters to learn about her Chinese culture and the Asian slacklining community. Driven by enthusiasm for slacklining, she hiked and highlined over Lion Mountain of Hong Kong and climbed, kayaked, cliff jumped, and of course slacklined in Krabi Province of Thailand. Before leaving Chengdu to return to the United States, she went to Guangzhou for two-weeks of training with friends that she has met in her China travels.

她希望此生永远也不要停下旅行的脚步,就像户外摄影师Chris Burkard 那样。

She hopes that she will never stop traveling in her life, just like how outdoor photographer Chris Burkarddoes.


USAC:大学国外研究同盟,University Study Abroad Consortium的缩写。

USAC: USAC is the abbreviation of University Study Abroad Consortium.

走扁带,又叫走绳,行走于固定于两点之间的扁带上,扁带一般使用26毫米宽、3毫米厚的尼龙扁绳索,因而在行走过程中极不稳定。 玩家可不甘于只是脱离地面走一走,于是越走越高,便是“高空扁带”;若是技巧百出,则是“花式扁带”。 它挑战体能、平衡力,还有心理素质。与走绳索(rope walking)这种有着上千年历史的运动不同,当代走扁带运动追溯于1979年。 最初,走扁带是作为提高攀岩者平衡力的训练项目。

Slacklining, is a sport about walking on a line fixed between two spots. Generally, the slackline is a flat nylon line, 26 mm wide and 3 mm thick. Therefore, walking on this line can be very unstable and very challenging. Reluctant to just walk above the ground, some slackline athletes go higher and higher and longer and longer. Subsequently, “highlining” comes into being; with a dazzling display of fancy footwork, “trickslacklining” emerges. This sport is not only a challenge to physical and balance ability but also a mental challenge. Unlike the rope walking steeped in a history of over one thousand years, modern slacklining only dates back to 1979. Inits infancy, slackliningwas just a project to train the balance ability of rock-climbers.