About Lenore

shot by Jan Karlach in Prague, Czech
shot by Jan Karlach in Prague, Czech Republic

刘昕怡(Lenore Liu)

曾在中国媒体行业担任记者、编辑、商业文案八年有余。文稿类型多样,包括人物采访、社会杂文、旅游、美食等,常发表于成都传媒集团中英双语杂志《HELLO Chengdu》、《成都商报》,城市人文杂志《麓客》、《读城》、《华夏地理》等。




Liu Xinyi/Lenore Liu
I am Chinese freelance writer, photographer, and Chinese/English/Czech translator. Despite being based in Chengdu, China, I also travel and temporarily reside all around the world. I mainly focus on the social phenomena, such as interaction and differences between various groups of people in this increasingly globalized epoch of Anthropocene. The on-going themes of observation include “Foreigners in China” interview series, “Urban&Rural Culture Travel Journal,” “Picking Up the the Global Trash,” etc.

Freelance Writer
I have worked in various Chinese media as a lifestyle journalist, editor, and copywriter for more than eight years. I write on different topics – traveling, food, social phenomena, cultural differences, field research, etc.

I see myself as a photographer who tries to use a different way of thinking to explore portraits, travel, documentary, street and even minimal art photos.

I am a translator between Mandarin Chinese, English, and Czech. I cooperate with media, commercial institutions, and individuals.